🏢 Working Till You Drop: Raising Awareness

on Sustainable Working Practices 🚫🚀

As professionals, we dedicate our time and talents to contribute to the success of organisations we are passionate about and want to work for. However, let’s look at an alarming trend: the expectation of working till we're physically and mentally depleted.

Doing this, working TOO hard, will not only decrease the quality of our work and cause stress, but could lead us to face health issues that mean we have to take long periods of time away from work, or maybe even force us to quit the role entirely. These health issues can be long lasting and could continue to impact our life well into the future.

This sort of ‘just keep going’ attitude also comes into play when we try and work when we are unwell: most of us feel an obligation to keep going when really a couple of days in bed and then back to work would be the most sensible thing to do.

🌟 Finding the Right Balance

While dedication is admirable, it's essential for organisations to promote sustainable working practices which prioritise employee well-being. A work culture that values work/life balance fosters productivity and creativity, ultimately leading to long-term success for both the individual and the organisation.

If someone is over-worked, they can very easily be neglecting other aspects of their lives, which should be just as important!

💼 Health Matters … it matters the most!

Our well-being should never be compromised for the sake of productivity. Let's encourage open conversations about work-related stress and mental health, ensuring that employees feel supported and understood.

Employers need to take time to help staff feel comfortable about having these necessary conversations. If someone isn’t comfortable at work, they won’t speak up!

If you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed from work, it’s so important to make your employers aware of this, before it goes too far.

🌈 Reimagining Success

Success shouldn't be measured solely by working countless hours. Instead, let's redefine success by celebrating accomplishments, growth, and the ability to nurture our personal lives alongside our careers.

Lots of hours aren’t necessarily productive hours – someone who is tired, stressed, neglecting their homelife and self-care isn’t going to be able to put in the same quality of work as someone not facing such challenges. When employees are nurtured and feel motivated, their successes will grow!

🛠️ Solutions for Change

As professionals, we can advocate for positive change. Let's encourage flexible working arrangements, mental health support, and initiatives that prioritise employee health and happiness.

Working is such a huge part of our daily lives, no one deserves to feel pressured, stressed and unsupported in their organisation.

📢 Join the Conversation

I invite you all to share your thoughts and experiences. Let's foster a dialogue which promotes sustainable working practices and empowers organisations to prioritise the well-being of their most valuable asset: their people.

Too often in a professional setting, a person’s value is measured by their willingness to give above and beyond what is expected of them, day after day – often to their own detriment.

Together, we can drive positive change and build healthier work environments. 🤝