Losing a job can be devastating for anyone, but for a contractor, it goes with the territory 😟

Contracting jobs can last anywhere between 6 months and up to 2 years. What should you do when the inevitable does happen, and your contract comes to an end?

After my contract came to an end in March 2021, I realised I could be out of work for longer than I had anticipated, due to the global pandemic. Needless to say, I was quite scared about the future.

Pre-Covid, my strategy would have been to practice self-care, to asses my finances, and to sharpen my job search. However, due to the pandemic I knew I had to try something different, as I wasn’t going anywhere..

This is when I decided to hire my coach, @geraldinespurway, to help me create a professional online presence. As more and more companies go online to search for potential candidates, creating a professional, engaging, personal brand to showcase your abilities can make a difference and establish you as an expert.

The experience was revolutionary! Not only did it help me land an amazing contract quickly, but I also did learn so much about how to build self-awareness, and improve my visibility online.

It has also made me realise how far I have progressed in my career, although telling my story was not easy. Still, I am so glad I did it, It was so worth it, and now I am excited to be the evidence that you too, can create the career of your dreams, should you invest in yourself asI did.

What has been your experience so far, any tips to stand out from the crowd?🙏🏻