With the world attempting to restart and rejuvenate the economy amidst todays crushing uncertainty, has the way we manage our time changed?

The oil and gas industry is an industry that cannot fail. With the depth and duration of this crisis being uncertain, people who work in this industry need to be highly focused and creative with their time, today more than ever before, in order to deliver high pressure projects successfully.

What I have noticed during Covid 19 Pandemic is that working with our families around us is increasingly difficult and for many of us the lines between the office, home and children’s schoolwork were blurred together.

With everyone having a million and one things to do effectively, prioritising the constant flow of tasks to stay focused on what matters is crucial.

I thought I would share with you some of my tips I used to improve my time management during the pandemic.    

  1. Plot your schedule for the week and for the day.   
  2. Designate space for you to work effectively. 
  3. Communicate regularly with your manager to keep them aware of where you are at. 
  4. Set boundaries that work for you, and prioritize your mental health over long working hours.

Let me know below what technique you used to “survive” when working from home.