We seem to think that having previous work experience means that you can hit the ground running, but is this really true?

Some time ago, I worked with someone who on-paper ticked all the boxes. However, due to a lack of experience, they really struggled to carry out their job effectively.  My position was not to do the job for him, however, a good manager needs to recognise when their team is struggling to accomplish tasks.

This is when I jumped in, I realised the difficulties he was having and I decided to train him so he could move forward with confidence.

Many years on, this person is still working with the same organisation and doing really well.

If it was not for someone such as myself,  investing the time to train him, he probably would not be where he is today.

No one can live life without learning something, and what you experience can often determine your success or failure in life.

Education combined with real-life on the job experience is a winning formula for success.

So the next time you are working with someone who is struggling, take some time to understand where they need support, and make sure you can help to provide the right training. They will always remember you when they will be thriving.